Petrol becomes 12 rupees cheaper!

Petrol becomes 12 rupees cheaper

Finally, the prayers of poor Pakistanis have been heard and petrol becomes 12 rupees cheaper. Petrol prices have gone all-time high over the last year. The inflation increased to an alarming level and everything became expensive. This was related to the fuel prices every time. Now, the fuel prices are reduced.

The recent petroleum prices are as under:

New Petrol Prices in Pakistan

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According to the finance minister Ishaq Dar, Govt is passing on the benefits of cheaper fuel prices in International markets to the local public. The end consumers are somewhat happy but still not satisfied with the relief. Many motorcycle commuters stated that when it comes to increase, Govt increases 30 rupees but relief is only shared in lesser amount. As per motorcyclists, Petrol should be below 200 rupees to control inflation and other price increases.

Petrol becomes 12 rupees cheaper!

Yesterday OGRA shared a summary with the Prime minister which he signed and the new prices are implemented now!

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