Most affordable motorcycle tubeless tyres

Most Affordable Tubeless tyre pair under 10,000 rupees in Pakistan

In Pakistan, one motorcycle does it all. If you look at a common motorcycle enthusiast, his motorcycle takes him to work 5 days a week. He spends one day with his family and on Sundays, the motorcycle takes him places. For such a versatile job, you definitely need better tyres and Sadly Pakistan is a consumer nation so we import the majority of automobile products. This makes them expensive. Today we have the most affordable tubeless tyre pair which can be bought for under 10,000 rupees in Pakistan. Here is what we know so far!

Unlike our automobile industry, Pakistan is doing well in the tyres industry. Pakistan is among the largest motorcycle tyres exporter in the world. There are a few companies in Pakistan but the tyres market is led by Panther Tyres Limited who are pioneers in making motorcycle tyres and tubes in Pakistan. Recently Panther Tyres have launched their new Tubeless category tyres in the market and these are the most affordable tubeless tyres you can get in Pakistan.

Panther Tubeless Tyres

Panther Trekker is a famous and renowned tyre pattern in Pakistan. Every motorcycle rider, commuter and tourist is aware of its capabilities and features. Trekker tyres are now available in a complete Tubeless range in different sizes. These tyres are exclusively available at Panther Tyres Official Daraz Store. This Daraz store has been providing top quality, latest manufacturing date tyres for one year now.

Most affordable motorcycle tubeless tyres

Panther Tyres have recently introduced COUGAR, which is an export-quality tyre which is now available for the Pakistani market. The COUGAR features a modern block pattern and a tall side wall which helps in providing more grip and strength in different riding conditions and different terrains. The first glimpse of COUGAR makes it look like a much more expensive and imported tubeless tyres like Timsun and other expensive tyres.

GR150 Using COUGAR on the rear and Trekker on the front tyre

If you intend to use Panther Tubeless tyres for your motorcycles as tubeless, your motorcycle must have alloy wheels to support Tubeless tyres. For a commuter motorcycle, suppose GR150, The tubeless tyres pair costs 9,200 rupees only which is way affordable.(also they are shipped free) At this price, you can not get even a single latest manufactured imported tyre. The best thing is that Panther Tyres is offering 6 months or 12,000 km warranty which is not available in the case of imported tyres. Also, we need to support our local manufacturers. This will help in buying Pakistani products and encourage them to keep on evolving.

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