Boring to Bombastic! HONDA CG125 Deluxe Caferacer

Motorcycle modifiers have a very strong vision. The motorcycle in question is based on a Honda CG125 Deluxe. But no one can imagine a deluxe looking like this. This cafe racer is made by team Missing Tools from Lahore. Here is how it became Boring to Bombastic!

Meet Arham, a young motorcycle enthusiast from Lahore who has a passion for retro builds. Being a young guy he has integrated many modern touches into the retro-looking cafe racer build. The motorcycle is carefully crafted to look like a pure cafe bike.

Arham from Missing Tools

With Honda CG125 Deluxe, the base bike was plain and simple. Team Missing Tools stripped it out and chopped the frame to size. The retro-styled cafe racer cowl is giving it a very elegant feel. The best bits on this bike are rare set foot pegs and a custom battery box. The rare sets are not easy to do but they have managed to do a clean job.


This cafe racer is called Kuzuri, team missing tools have done an excellent job and we will try to get a review video of this cafe build soon.

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