Suzuki prices increased heavily

Pak Suzuki prices heavily increased!

Pak Suzuki increased the prices of its motorcycles once again. This is for the second time in this year that Suzuki has increased the prices of its motorcycles. This time though the price increase is very sudden and huge as compared to last time.

New Pak Suzuki Bikes Prices:

The entry-level Suzuki GD110S is now priced at 290,000 with a massive increase of 26,000 rupees. The GS150 is now priced at 315,000 with a huge increase of 29,000 rupees. According to Pak Suzuki, this price increase is because of increasing dollar rates and import difficulties. That is a shame for Pakistan’s largest automobile manufacturer and seller who never bothered to develop a motorcycle locally.

Suzuki prices increased heavily

The new entrant Suzuki GSX125 which is not an impressive machine is now costing 422,000 with a heavy increase of 38,000 rupees. The top-of-line, premium segment Suzuki GR150 is now costing 451,000 rupees after a massive price increase of 41,000 rupees.

Why price hike:

Suzuki Pakistan is one of the largest and oldest car manufacturers in Pakistan, They have a 2-wheeler plant in parallel where they assemble and sell motorcycles in Pakistan. Initially, Suzuki Motorcycles’ sales were not too much so they were working on CBU form, slowly they moved to CKD form but never bothered to improve from there. The inflation in Pakistan has caused useless price hikes and all burden is transferred to the general public.

Pak Suzuki should immediately take this price hike back and Government must regularize the price revision policy in the automobile industry. These high prices are not acceptable at all. This will create a huge gap in the market with declining sales. People will now not even bother to lease it because the Suzuki bike prices are now equivalent to a small car. Now its matter of choice if you want to buy a bike or a

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