Honda CG125 installments

HONDA CG125 Available on 0 markup Installments

Increasing automobile prices are a new trend in Pakistan. Every other day we hear a recent price hike from an automobile manufacturer just like Pak Suzuki did yesterday. The motorcycle was considered the common man’s choice and now it seems much different. In such challenging times, it is best to purchase a motorcycle on settled and agreed on installment terms.

Since Pakistan is an Islamic state and the majority public is Muslim, they are also a very keen observers of Islamic shariah laws while making purchases in installments and leasing. As per many scholars, if the terms are decided before buying and observed no matter what, it is safe to consider it a halal business. Today we will be sharing such an opportunity to purchase Honda CG125 on easy installments through Daraz where installments are up to 3 years and as low as 8515 rupees only.

Daraz Offer

Daraz is Pakistan’s largest online selling platform. They have introduced Honda CG125 on easy installments with the help of different banks. The time period ranges from 3 months to 3 years and markup also varies among banks and different options. The motorcycle can be picked up from Daraz warehouses in certain cities. More details can be opted from visiting the Daraz link here.

Honda CG125 installments

Similarly, many other motorcycle companies have also started following the same pattern of selling motorcycles. Because of ever-increasing prices, motorcycles are becoming more and more expensive. The sales are declining and because of this reason, many people have shifted their buying behavior because of that. Also, the used motorcycle market has increased a lot and older motorcycles are being sold for a good sum of money now. This inflation trend has also slowed down the pace of the automobile industry which is not good at all. By sharing such installment plans, company can revive its sales and repute once again.

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