Honda CG125, Owners review

It’s been a few months since I finally own a Honda CG125. The story of this machine is very interesting. Though I have been a biker for almost a decade now, still i never happened to own a Honda CG125 up till now. This time I thought to own it for once in my life at least, just to see it lives up to its name or not.

Honda CG125 Price in Pakistan:

To be honest, the Honda CG125 New model (2022) price in Pakistan is too much, it was not my cup of tea to go and buy a new Honda CG125. For that matter, I started searching used motorcycle markets and visited many online forums. Luckily I found this Honda CG125 on Olx and somehow I closed the deal with the owner for 85,000 rupees. Honda CG125 price in Pakistan varies on the model year and condition of the motorcycle.

The Honda CG125 Special edition was also in consideration but it was not financially feasible for me to invest in that motorcycle. Though I am a fan of how that motorcycle rides but still expensive for me.

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The Maintenance:

My Honda CG is a 2018 euro 2 variant but it has been used a lot. The previous owner used to travel around 100 km daily for work. The machine has a serious number of kilometers on the clock. Clearly, it has done over 100,000 km easily and it needed some TLC. So I bought it cheap and invested in repairs. Got the engine rebuilt with good quality parts (new head valves, seals, ring pistons, and much more) for almost 15,000 rupees. Other things are very basic to maintain on a Honda CG125.

The Tyres:

As a motorcycle rider myself, I have been very keen on having good quality tyres. These tyres play a vital role in ride quality and comfort of any motorcycle. In locally produced tyres, m search is always narrowed down to one tyre only, Panther Trekker Tyres. So I ordered a set and installed them on my motorcycle. You may watch the video of the installation here.

The Plans:

My plans with this motorcycle are simple, I need to make it 100% up to company specs, enjoy it, and then let it go. I will be eventually selling this Honda 125 of mine and making way for another machine. That’s the way to compliment the most talked about motorcycle in Pakistan.

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