Suzuki Motorcycle Plant again shutdown

Pak Suzuki Motorcycles Factory shuts down again

The ongoing economic crisis is taking its toll on the automobile industry of Pakistan. The growth and strength of any country can be calculated through its auto industry. The expansion of Pakistan’s auto industry is very slow due to multiple reasons. The contraction however is rapid and very cruel. Pak Suzuki Motorcycles factory shuts down again. This is an alarming situation and here is what we know s far.

Suzuki Motorcycle Plant again shutdown

According to an official statement issued by Pak Suzuki, the company is closing its motorcycle manufacturing and assembling plant. This shutdown is from 23rd May till 10th June 2023. In an official letter, the company stated that this shutdown is due to a shortage of inventory and they have decided to halt the motorcycle production for 19 days.

Suzuki Motorcycle Plant Shutdown

The automobile industry of Pakistan is losing its feet and drying up. According to an estimate, almost 70% of the workforce has been laid off and people are losing their jobs. To make things worst inflation is also creating a huge gap in the prices of new and used motorcycles. Because of this, new motorcycle sales are also slow. The same trend is seen among the other players in the industry.

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The auto industry of Pakistan is not self-sufficient in our opinion. The big three have not started developing and manufacturing a motorcycle locally (completely). For a new start-up, the import of raw materials and semi-knockdown kits seems to be fair as they are in the developing stages. But if a company does not start local production fully after decades of producing a simple and regular product, this is an offense.

Pak Suzuki is currently assembling 04 motorcycles in Pakistan. Suzuki GD110S, Suzukii GSX125, Suzuki GS150 and Suzuki GR150. None of them are manufactured in Pakistan completely and this is the reason why Suzuki has to face plant shutdowns every now and then.

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