Lexmoto 50

Not only us but the whole world is under the fuel crisis,the increasing fuel prices have had different results on different societies. Many have switched to electric while some are still using gasoline powered modes of transportation but there are few who still like the old school mopeds.

The mopeds were bicycles with a motor jammed into them and used as a mode of transportation. If you ran out of gas, you would pedal your way to your destination. As the evolution had changed everything, so are the mopeds. Say hello to Lexmoto 50. A young moped for young audience.

Chinese origin but being sold in UK as Lexmoto 50, this Scooty is actually a 50cc moped which comes with a modern design and futuristic look. This moped is designed towards young college going audience or one who has to go to work everyday on a budget.

The Lexmoto 50 costs 1750 pounds and aims to return 50mpg easily. Do you think it’s a modern solution for a modern problem of commuting? Let us know in the comments.

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