Kawasaki W-175

Kawasaki w-175 launched

Kawasaki is one of the finest Japanese Motorcycle manufacturer working across the globe. Known for world’s fastest production motorcycle H2R they are a company of different taste. Recently in India they have launched Kawasaki W-175 which is a neo retro design. The motorcycle has old school styling but modern hardware. Lets have a look what W-175 has to offer.

Neo Retro Design

Neo retro or modern classic design means the vehicle looks classic but is modern actually. This design and shape is loved by many across the globe. The trend of launching Neo Retro motorcycles to India has increased and now W-175 is battling with TVS Ronin, Yamaha FZ-X and Royal Enfield. Kawasaki w-175 looks like its coming from 80’s in 2022.

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Kawasaki W-175

Kawasaki W-175 Price

In Indian market, a motorcycle needs to be priced just right because there is so much competition that you may loose a buyer. W-175 is priced at 1 lakh 47 thousand Indian rupees. The price is very competitive for a 175cc motorcycle and it can bag good sales provided other things are correct.

kawasaki w-175 specs

The W-175 is based on a single cylinder 177cc engine which is capable of producing 13 hp and 13.3 nm of torque. The W-175 is a 5 speed and electronically fuel injected motorcycle. The motorcycle has a semi analogue instrumental cluster and 17 inch spoke rims. The motorcycle is available in multiple retro colors showcasing the classic theme of the bike.

Kawasaki W-175

Kawasaki W-175 Features

W-175 has many multiple features to offer, the most prominent is single channel abs system. The W-175 uses a simple frame and telescopic forks. The design and styling is retro as well. A tear drop style fuel tank and a single unit seat with a shotgun style exhaust. W-175 has neo retro written already over it.


W-175 has been launched in India for 1.47 lac rupees, In competitive Indian motorcycle market their are so many players like TVS Ronin, Yamaha FZ-X and Royal Enfield. This motorcycle will never make it to Pakistan but yet we are expecting it to be a very nice motorcycle.

Kawasaki W-175

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