INDIA vs PAKISTAN Motorcycles,Why so different?

Few years back the Motorcycle scene in Pakistan was not as good as it is today, (Yes I am saying that our motorcycle scene has got better but not up to the extent which we want but we are headed in the right direction what so ever)Honda CG125 was the equine which we had and the tourist guys were happy with the GS150. Than YAMAHA stepped in, Yamaha’s entrance developed a scenario of competition and that is because we see so many different motorcycles.
The question has always been asked, Why don’t we get the good bikes or why our bikes lack features, why are they expensive and why the same company launches something different and sporty in other countries like India and when it comes to Pakistan, they have a decade old boring motorcycle to offer.I will try to answer that in some easy and simple points.

Adaptability to Change:
I hate to say that but it is true, we as a nation are shy of change and reject it straight away, We do not adapt to change in a proper manner. The fine example of this is Japanese cars,initially they were rejected for being too high tech and advance but now they are selling like hot cakes and holding their value. The change is a constant phenomena but its consistency gets less effective in Pakistan.

We like it simple and easy
Other than following trends, we like things simple and easy. Our general public which buys most motorcycles is working class and majority of them likes their motorcycles simple, because of less chances of failure in such market, every manufacturer tries to follow the trend of making old machines with new appearance and price tags.

Localization of a product is very ideal situation, The product is produced locally and it saves from imports and it is cost effective. On the other hand local resources are utilized and more jobs are created in an economy. Localization is good for economy and the company. That’s the reason why Indian bikes are cheaper because they are localized. Thats how they get the international product with a way cheaper price tag.

I may be wrong but according to me above three parts are the reason why our bikes are expensive. Feel free to share what you think about this issue.

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