What is the main difference between a hero and a legend? Well the Hero needs to be remembered while the Legend is never forgotten. Today we are going to discuss the Legend of KAWASAKI GTO 125 which is still the fastest commuter bike in Pakistan after many decades.

Launched by SKM (Saif Kawasaki Motors) in the late 80’s Kawasaki GTO 125 was a fire breathing 2 stroke motorcycle capable of developing 17.5 hp and with 105 kgs of dry weight, Its acceleration was phenomenal. Kawasaki GTO 125 was mated to 1 5 speed gear transmission and it was a cracking motorcycle to have. People still dream of owning one and one who had owned these in past still remember them.

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Kawasaki GTO 125 was a successful and good looking motorcycle, it was launched in different categories like GTO 100,110 and 125 in Pakistan. The features were different according to the trim level but some features were very futuristic like Engine Kill Switch and Fuel Gauge. Some Kawasaki GTO 125 were even equipped with side stand sensor. This was very futuristic back in the day.

Kawasaki GTO 125 was a 2stroke machine and it was faster than the other 125cc motorcycles like Honda CG125, Thats why it has many rumors attached to it like Kawasaki GTO 125 was used by thief or unlaw ful activities and because it was so fast Cops couldn’t catch the Bandits. Thats why Kawasaki was discontinued but that is not the real reason, The real reason is mentioned in the video below!

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Do let us know about your sentiments on this king of streets from the 90’s

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