How to start your motorcycle in winter?

How to start your motorcycle in winter?

The weather is becoming extreme this year, the freezing cold and fog have made it challenging for bikers to roam around. As most bikers need to travel by motorcycle for daily commutes, they need to maintain their motorcycles. The most common complaint is how to start your motorcycle in winter? Here is a simple step-by-step procedure.

How to start your motorcycle, Use Choke:

Choke on a Carb

The most important part of any motorcycle carburetor is the Choke and it is often neglected. People do not like to use choke to start their motorcycles. In fact, this makes early morning cold start very easy. As the name suggests, Choke is a fuel enrichment system. It also cuts down the air supply and helps the machine to start quickly by providing more fuel. There is no harm of choke on the engine or engine health. It is recommended by manufacturers to use a choke while cold starts.

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How to start your motorcycle,Use Kick Starter:

Kick Starting

If your motorcycle has a kick starter and a self-starter, prefer a kick starter for the first start in the morning. The cold morning start needs much power as the engine is cold, the oil is much thicker and starting could be a problem. You may have to try a few times and the battery may go flat. So a good old fashion Kick starter will help in starting the motorcycle. You can use self-starter after that all day. It will help with the battery health and keep it charged too.

How to start your motorcycle in winter?

Let it warm up:

You have given the choke and you are kicking your motorcycle, it will start with a much higher rpm initially. As it gets warmed, its rpm will start to drop and it will get stable. Choke can be turned off at that point and the motorcycle can be revved now. Warming up a motorcycle is necessary and it is advised not to start riding without warming up your motorcycle.

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Dress properly & Ride Safe:

All mentioned above points were about motorcycle start-up and warming it up. The rider must dress properly (covered properly and bright reflective outfit) to keep them safe while riding on the road. Keep in the left lane and ride cautiously.

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