How to make money with Motovloging

Making money online is one of the most searched topics these days. There is no harm in this because earning is one of the basic human rights. One wise man has said that if you love what you do, you will have to never work a day in your life. This blog and upcoming video series are all about how I started moto vlogging and how I started making money through it. Let’s dive deep into this topic and explore more venues for all of you.

What is Motovlogging?

Vlogging is talking to the camera and recording the scenes, when you add a vehicle to this equation, it becomes Motovlogging. In the early 2010s many moto vloggers started to appear globally. Through the internet, this phenomenon went global. In 2013, Horsepower Pakistan was formed as Pakistan’s first motorcycle-based blog. This blog was in video format and the rest is history.

How to start Moto vlogging?

The honest answer to this question is simple, if you love motorcycles or automobiles and have some information about them, you know the basic camera adequates and you can edit then you should start documenting it. You can utilize this informational content in many different forms. It can be simple as the blog you are reading right now, It may require some initial investment and knowledge to build a website but let’s keep that information for later.

Initial Horsepower Pakistan Logo and Video Animation

Moto Vlogging requires basic camera handling, editing, and love for motorcycles backed by information about them. Let’s break it down further.

How to pick a NICHE?

What is a niche? A niche is a specific field or scope of work for one person. The topic which you talk about is called Niche and One has to be selective. Horsepower Pakistan is more focused on motorcycles so you can say it is our niche. You need to have a few things sorted for selecting the niche. You should love that particular topic and you should have information or value about it. Other things are materialistic but the niche is selected on the basis of intent and will.

Selecting the platforms:

Now Social media is more influential than regular media and it has many platforms. You need to be selective about the content and the platform it is. Tiktok is a short format content posting platform, Instagram is for pictures and reels, Facebook is for pictures, reels, and medium-length content and Youtube is for long and detailed content types. Once you select your platform, creating content is much easier. You can either choose one or go to all platforms. You are the one who will decide.

Current Logo and Artwork of Horsepower Pakistan

How to make money with Motovloging?

There are multiple answers to this question, The first and most common way is by applying for monetization. Youtube and Facebook (Facebook is currently not monetizable in Pakistan)are the best platforms for this purpose. The second possibility is to utilize reels (reel bonus is available for foreign countries only currently) to generate traffic and attention. Brands will follow with Sponsorships. The third way is to charge showroom owners for marketing services and the fourth way is to build your online store. You have the traffic already, they like motorcycle content because they own motorcycles and they will definitely be interested in purchasing accessories from their favorite influencer. On top of that, you can make a blog like this and monetize it with google AdSense to generate income through ads.

We will cover all of these topics in detail. Stay tuned for the next blog and video!

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