Most Affordable E Scooter

ez Bike Pakistan’s most affordable E Scooter

Islamabad Pakistan-based EV Urban mobility sharing service became a sensation soon. For most people, the concept of sharing a vehicle is new. According to ezBike,”ezBike is a quick, easy, and environmentally friendly way to get around town. Enjoy all of the benefits of owning a bike without the hassle of actually owning one. Because ezBikes are completely electric and silent, you won’t bother anyone. Contribute to a cleaner and more peaceful city while looking great.

Most Affordable E Scooter

ezBike, How it works:

ezBike is governed by an app in which the user finds and locates his nearest bike. The App allows you to have a 15-minute free reservation. The user needs to reach and scan the code on the app to start his bike and go on the ride. Once you reach your destination, you can simply lock your ezBike and end the ride. You will be billed accordingly. The next person can also book his ezBike and use it.


ezBike, How is it charged?

The ezBike is a lithium-ion battery-based electric bike. It has a top speed of 35kmph and is backed by an 800 watts electric motor. It has a basic suspension at both ends to make the ride comfortable and smooth. The tubeless tyres on it make sure your journey is trouble-free and always going on. The maximum range of this e-bike is 55kms and it gets charged within 04 hours.

ezBike Price in Pakistan:


ezBikes is now available for sale, the company is now listing them for sale. They are marketing it as Built-in Pakistan for you! Now interested people can purchase this ezBike and use it for small groceries and other duties in-house. The ezBike is priced at 130,000 rupees which may seem more but keeping in mind the increasing cost of lithium-ion batteries and other components, it seems legit. The purchase can be initiated here.

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