How To Calculate The Mileage of A Motorcycle?

As the fuel prices have gone up, motorcycle users have became more emotional about the mileage or fuel efficiency of their Motorcycle. Many people claim that their motorcycle is not giving a decent mileage but in reality its them who are doing wrong calculations. Lucky for you, today we will be sharing information on How To Calculate The Mileage of A Motorcycle? Lets get in to it!

The motorcycle fuel tank may contain some fuel already so we will skip it for now, what we will do is that we will use a funnel and a pipe as a replacement fuel tank. The funnel will have a some quantity (100ml in my testing) and we will take the motorcycle on a ride.

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The method is simply calculating how many kilometers the motorcycle covered in limited amount of fuel, now If my motorcycle did 05 kilometers in 100 ml, it means it will do kilometers per 100 ml of fuel and it will do 50 kilometers in 1000 ml (1 litre of fuel)

This method is time tested and much accurate as of any other methods and i highly recommend everyone using it once in a while to get to know what their bike is actually doing.

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