Honda Pridor Fuel Efficiency

Recently we got a chance to test fuel efficiency of a Honda Pridor. The motorcycle in question comes with a basic 4stroke 100cc engine and has basic carburetor set up. The motorcycle is famous for its fuel efficiency and people claim some crazy numbers. We wanted to find out the actual numbers.

For this test, we used a simple bottle with 100 ml petrol and attached it to carburetor. The motorcycle was then ridden carefully keeping it in the economy zone (under 60kmph) The motorcycle mileage was calculated before and after. The fuel efficiency returned to be around 5.3 kilometers in 100 milliliters of fuel.

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If we do basic maths, it means that motorcycle will do 53 kilometers in a liter and these are some impressive numbers coming from this motorcycle. Do let us know what you think of this test and how can we make it better!

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