Honda Pridor

Atlas Honda’s Honda Pridor is a decently sized 100cc commuter segment motorcycle. Initially known as the Honda CD100, it was a more traditional motorcycle with a chrome front fender, round headlight, and round indicators. However, Honda discontinued the CD100 and relaunched it as the Honda Pridor with new styling. It’s the same as CD100 underneath.

The Honda Pridor has good suspension and a good double cradle frame. It also has decent quality tires and good road grip. Despite the fact that its suspension is not adjustable, the motorcycle has a good ride quality. Pridor’s overall riding ergonomics are simple and easy, thanks to a decently sized seat.

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The motorcycle is very basic, with an over bored Honda CD70 engine. This engine has more power and good low-end torque, but it has some serious mechanical issues that Honda has yet to resolve. The issue exists, beginning with its Clutch box noise, and Honda has failed to address it. After 200 kilometers, the tappets become loose and extremely noisy. The second gear has a loud clunk that won’t go away. The drum rubbers also wear out quickly, and all plastic parts become ratty after a few thousand kilometers.

Apart from that, it has a very good fuel mileage of around 50 to 52 kilometers in city driving with a smooth and easy riding style. The motorcycle has one major flaw, and that is its rising price. The Honda Pridor now costs more than 136,000 rupees, and it lacks sufficient features to justify this price. This is an excellent motorcycle for commuting and exploring the city for under 100,000 rupees.

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