Honda Prices increased in 2022

Honda Increased Prices Massively in 2022

Honda, Pakistan’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer has increased prices massively in 2022. If we take a look at Honda Motorcycle prices in January 2022 and compare them with today, The difference is massive. But it is also important to consider why companies increase prices in the first place.

In general, companies may choose to increase prices for a variety of reasons. Some potential factors that could influence a company’s decision to raise prices could include changes in the cost of raw materials or production, changes in market conditions, or shifts in demand for the company’s products or services. It is also possible that a company may decide to raise prices in order to increase profits or to fund new initiatives or investments.

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It is important to note that price changes are a normal part of business, and companies may adjust their pricing strategies for a variety of reasons. If you are concerned about the impact of price changes on your budget, it may be helpful to consider ways to reduce your expenses or explore options for saving money. Additionally, it can be helpful to shop around and compare prices from different sources to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money.

Honda Prices increased in 2022

Honda Prices in 2022:

If we compare the price hike journey, the stats are huge. On Honda CD70, The price on January 2022 was 94,900 and now is 121,500. Honda has increased the price by over 26,000 rupees on CD70. Similarly, 28,400 rupees have been increased on Honda CD70 Dream. Honda Pridor has become 31,400 rupees expensive and CG125 has become 33,400 rupees more expensive.

The price hike is not stopping here, The CG125SE has become 37,500 rupees more expensive. The CB125F has received a price hike of 65,400 and the CB150F has become 80,400 rupees expensive.

These high rates mean the sales are down, another price increase is expected soon from Honda in 2023. Let’s hope for the best and pray this phenomenon is regulated and put to an end.

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