Road Prince Launches Zeus E Scooter

Zeus Electric Scooter by Road Prince

ROAD PRINCE Motorcycles is a well-reputed local motorcycle manufacturer from Pakistan. They have an exciting product range to offer including regular motorcycles and some premium variants from 100 to 250cc. Recently they showcased their new to be launched Electric Scooters at an event. We are thankful to Mr. Usman Khwaja for covering those motorcycles and sharing their information with us. The new scooters are called Zeus and they are all electric scooters. Let’s find out what Zeus has to offer.

Zeus Electric Scooter:

The legend has it that Zeus is the greek god for Lightning, Road Prince has done a great job naming their scooter this time. We personally like the name of the electric scooter. Mr. Usman who has exclusively covered this scooter on his youtube channel shared good omens about this scooter.

Usman Khwaja’s coverage on Zeus Electric Scooter
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To start off, the looks are very premium. The scooter looks very premium and high quality. The looks are futuristic and sleek. The body is high-quality plastic but looks solid. The headlight is beautifully integrated into the body. From the front, it looks like a well-put-together scooter. The front telescopic forks are tiny but look they will do the job. The front alloy rim is a tiny 120/70/12 and the rear is also 120/70/12. It also has a disc set up on the front. Which honestly is overkill but does the job. The body is also plastic and has a low floorboard for ease of riding and comfort. The seat is also well-padded and does the job well.

Road Prince Zeus Electric Scooter

E Scooters are not designed for long-distance travel as they are meant for regular commutes. Road Prince has not shared many technical details but the batteries on it are 72v 32 Ah Lead Acid Units. The battery provides a range of 60kilometrs and the top speed is 65kmph. The batteries are a letdown and should be improved with a Lithium Ion battery pack for more range and distance.

Road Prince Zeus Electric Scooter

The Zeus is available in two variants (the difference is in the motor power and range) The price of Zeus with 72V 1500W motor is 278,000. The price is on the higher side that too only because of Lead acid batteries. Such futuristic scooter should have market competitive technology on offer!

Do let us know what you think about Zeus and do not forget to follow Usman on youtube!

Road Prince Launches Zeus E Scooter

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