Honda New Prices

Honda gives a new year gift, New Prices

Honda Motorcycles are undoubtedly the most selling and sought-after motorcycles in Pakistan. A large number of end consumers like Honda because of its reliability, ease of maintenance, and high resale value. Honda also drives the local manufacturers and they manufacture motorcycles just like Honda. All in all, Honda leads the motorcycle market in Pakistan.

Honda New Prices in Pakistan:

Despite all of these highs, Honda is facing some lows. Honda is facing availability issues of imported spare parts and kits for manufacturing its motorcycles. They are also facing low sales because of increasing prices and their sales number is going down. To battle all of this, Honda has again increased its prices which are going to be applicable from 1st January 2023. A new year gift from Honda! Though digesting the fact that Honda increased prices to fight low sales which are also because of high prices is not easy.

The new Honda prices are as under:

New Honda Prices for 2023

Effects of New Prices:

These new prices will have an even worse effect on sales. The Honda dealers are estimating that customers will tend to buy old Honda motorcycles or new Chinese motorcycles instead. Though Honda has also launched some leasing facilities through banks, most Honda consumers are rural-based and do not know much about these technical things. Honda should have launched a trade-in program for its end consumers in which they can buy back old motorcycles and swap them with a new Honda motorcycle with paying the difference. Also they really really need to start developing more and more parts locally so the changing exchange rate should not be imposing any effect on the sale price for a long time to come!

One of the key factors for Honda motorcycles was being affordable and sadly it does not seems to be the case anymore now. The motorcycles are good but not affordable any more!

Honda New Prices

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