Expected changes in Yamaha YBR125

Expected Changes in New Yamaha YBR125

Yamaha YBR125 is considered an entry-level sporty ride in Pakistan now. Many youngsters love its looks and features which are better as compared to Honda CG125. Yamaha re-introduced YBR125 in the Pakistan market back in 2015. There have been a few updates since its launch and now youngsters are expecting more changes in the new Yamaha YBR125.

Globally, Yamaha YBR125 is available in different shapes and specs. The YBR125 is based on a single-cylinder air-cooled overhead cam engine. The frame is usually the same across all platforms, like Yamaha YBR 125 G, Yamaha YB125Z, and YB125Z DX. The changes are usually cosmetic, with different body types and exhaust shapes depending on the region and target audience.

Different Yamaha YBR shapes

In many developed countries (like Europe) Yamaha has introduced a Euro 5 standard motorcycle. It is known as YS125 and comes equipped with a Euro5 engine. This machine comes with a self-starter only, efi-based fuel injection, and a revised body design. YS 125 is highly anticipated in Pakistan and here is why it can be a perfect candidate.

Best & budget modifications for Yamaha YBR125

Also on top of all, Yamaha Motor Pakistan is working in only the 125cc class with different body styles. They may introduce a new body style, based on their previous track record. A cruiser-style Yamaha YBR125 may be expected from them in Pakistan.

Expected changes in Yamaha YBR125

The general public is anticipating Yamaha’s 150cc motorcycle for a long time. Technically it is not difficult. As Yamaha imports engines from China, they can import 150cc cylinder blocks too and use them in YBR125 frame (as done mostly in Fazer 150 in Brazil). They are not interested in catering to the 150cc category as they do not find it beneficial enough. The 125 cc motorcycles are the most selling category in Pakistan and their sales are expanding. Realistically, we can only expect new graphics from them in Pakistan or probably a new color.

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