Electric Santro

Electric Hyundai Santro Conversion in 3 Days Only

Electric Cars are becoming a popular phenomenon these days across the globe. They may be affordable;e to run but they are expensive to purchase. In India, a young consumer converted his own Hyundai Santro into an EV. The best thing is that it took him 3 days and he spent around 2.4ac Indian rupees. We’ve recently seen a lot of videos about kits that let you turn a gasoline-powered automobile into an electric vehicle. In this particular film, a person demonstrates how they transformed their Hyundai Santro hatchback into an electric vehicle in just three hours.

Electric Santro

Making With Mihir has posted the film to their YouTube channel. In this film, Mihir discusses his grandfather’s old Hyundai Santro, which he turned into an electric vehicle. In just three days, he transformed the gasoline hatchback into an electronic vehicle. The adjustments he had to make to turn this gasoline hatchback into an electric vehicle are all discussed in the video. He refers to it as the most peculiar yet straightforward method of converting an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle to an electronic vehicle. Even a scale model of an internal combustion engine is displayed in the movie.

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This was done to demonstrate how the car’s motor powers the power steering and AC compressor. By fully removing the engine, he would need more motors to operate the steering and air conditioning, which would only make things more difficult and prevent a clean appearance under the hood. Mihir removed the pistons from the engine but left the other half in place to fix the problem. He created a mount, which is currently mounted over the cylinders and has an electric engine attached to it. The general current AC and power steering system functions well with this new electric motor.

A 72V 100Ah Lithium Ferrophosphate battery powers the vehicle. The car’s stopping performance was enhanced by the installation of an electric brake booster vacuum pump. A 72-12V DC-DC converter was also installed in the vehicle to convert the 72V from the LFP battery in the rear to 12V for use in charging the lead-acid battery that powers the lights, power windows, and central locking system. This car’s battery and engine are both tiny and underpowered. Currently, it can travel at a maximum speed of 60 kmph and has an 80–90 km range. This is adequate for a vehicle that is primarily used in cities. He converted this Santro into an EV for about Rs 2.4 lakh, and the current expense of operating it is Rs 1 per km.

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