Every thing you should know about motorcycle tyre and air pressure

The only point a motorcycle contacts road is through its tyres, no matter how good or expensive a motorcycle may be but if it has bad tyres its not worth a ride. The ride quality also depends on tyre type and condition but usually one most important point is neglected which is the air pressure. Today we will be looking at different states a tyre can go in with respect to air pressure and its results.

Usually a motorcycle tyre is under inflated which means it has less air than required. This scenario makes tyre expand too much on the road and create a wider contact area but the sides of tyres are more in contact with the road as compared to the main central portion which provides grip and traction. An under inflated tyre quickly wears out from its sides as compared to main central thread point.

Another scenario is over inflating which means it has way more air than required. This scenario creates a bouncy and uncomfortable ride. It also creates a smaller contact patch area which can cause more wear on central point, lack of grip and more chances of accidents. This practice is done to save fuel (over inflated tyre has less friction)

Also their is one more scenario in which the tyre alignment is poor, this causes un even wear pattern and its the most dangerous one. Tyre can burst if its used in bad alignment position ad gets un even wear patterns.

The correct way to inflate a tyre is to maintain company or manufacturer specific air pressure, this not only maintains a proper contact patch with the road but also helps in ride comfort and ensures smoothness of the ride. The correctly inflated tyre lasts way longer than under or over inflated tyres.

What air pressure do you use in your motorcycle? Comment down below and let us know.

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