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evee C1 Bookings started

evee electric, A Lahore-based Ev start-up has recently launched its first product in Pakistan. This is an electric scooter which is called C1. The initial bookings of the evee C1 have also started. Here is how you can book one for yourself.

The initial bookings started on 24th Feb 2023, according to the company they received over 500 bookings on the first day. The initial booking can be done by making a 2,000 rupees reserve deposit. More details on online booking can be gathered here.

evee C1 Price

The evee C1 is one of the most idealistically priced EV scooters in Pakistan. At the launch price of 175,000 rupees, no other manufacturer is able to develop an EV Automobile of this sort. These EV scooters come with 1200 watt hub motor and they have a usable range of 60kms. The C1 can reach a top speed of 55 kmph and it takes 5 hours to charge its batteries. Batteries are the only thing that is my least favorite on C1 because they are lead-acid batteries. Though they’re made to keep costs low but they’re now obsolete technology and do not belong in EVs.

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evee C1

evee electric has not started deliveries of Evee C1 yet. They will start delivering the scooters in March and continue the deliveries. The thing which is ironic and can cause trouble, later on, is the foreign exchange and dollar rate. As major components of C1 are being imported, this can cause a huge price impact. In order to survive and make an impact, the C1 needs to be developed locally, utilizing local resources. This will not only help with creating jobs for other Pakistani industries but will also develop the confidence of end consumers in locally produced automobiles.

evee electric C1 may have one downside which is the lead acid batteries, its price is much competative as compared to its competition.

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