Duties & Taxes Relaxations to Electric Bike Manufacturers:

Duties & Taxes Relaxations to Electric Bike Manufacturers:

Electric vehicles are becoming a global phenomena now, In Pakistan however electric bikes are the next big thing. Our majority population uses affordable motorcycles for daily commutes. Unfortunately due to recent socio economic unrest and inflation the motorcycles are not affordable anymore. People are now more inclined towards Electric commuters to save on rising fuel costs and ease of maintenance.

The Electric bikes were cost effective when they were initially launched. When Jolta Electric initially launched their electric bikes they were affordable. It was priced at around 75,000 rupees. Though at that time it was lacking proper electric bike technology still they were accepted by general public.

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After Jolta, many other players also came in to the market like Road King and MS Jaguar. Now many reputed local motorcycle manufacturers are also making their electric bike versions (converting regular bikes in to evs).

As per the recent prices, the electric bikes are not affordable any more. The most basic Jolta bike now costs around 140,000 rupees which is still expensive than Honda CD70. In such times people will not buy electric bikes. However if these bikes will be manufactured cheap, they can be sold cheap too.

Government has announced many duties and taxes relaxations to electric bike manufacturers of Pakistan. The government is willing to motivate the manufacturers build and sell more cost effective and innovative e bikes. These exemptions can be a huge relief if these companies work around it and stat sharing relief with end consumer.

Duties & Taxes Relaxations to Electric Bike Manufacturers:

Also it is need of time that now our electric bike manufacturers start investing in the designs of their bikes. Our electric bikes look decades old and there is nothing new about the way they look. Globally E bikes are specially designed in a way which helps with their looks, modern design and efficiency.

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