Jolta Electric Bikes New Prices in Pakistan

Jolta Electric New Prices in Pakistan

Jolta Electric is pioneer in locally assembling and manufacturing electric bikes in Pakistan. Though many enthusiasts have reservations on their bikes but credit where its due. Jolta Electric was initially working with a 70cc design and now they have increased their product line. Recently they have revised their prices. Lets have a look on Jolta electric new prices in Pakistan with their different categories.

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70cc Jolta Electric Bike New Prices in Pakistan:

Jolta Electric materialized already popular 70cc motorcycle and installed an electric motor and battery pack in it. This helped them with market penetration and acceptability. They have 02 variants which are equal to 70cc motorcycles. Their new prices in Pakistan are as under:

70 cc variants

100cc Jolta Electric Bike New Prices in Pakistan:

Jolta Electric also developed a 100cc look a like electric bike. It has bigger batteries, bigger motor and extended range as compared to 70cc ones. Its price is as under:

100cc variant

125cc Jolta Electric Bike New Prices in Pakistan:

Jolta electric also used 125cc frames to develop Honda CG125 look a like. They have even bigger batteries and motors with enhanced range for daily commutes. These E bike prices are as under:

125cc variant

Jolta Electric Scooties New Prices in Pakistan:

On top of motorcycles, Jolta Electric also imported good quality electric scooters from China. These scooters or scooties are liked by female riders who are looking to go to work or commuting daily. Their prices are as under:

Scooty variants

Jolta Electric Bikes and Our Market:

Our local motorcycle market is still governed by regular petrol motorcycles. The dealers are used too sell same old design and technology while companies are also comfortable making them. Jolta Electric has improved their quality over time but they have become very expensive. The inflation also added to it and now they are much highly priced as compared to the regular motorcycles. Jolta electric bikes need to maintain their quality, availability and introduce installment packages so that more and more people can convert from regular to electric bikes.

Jolta Electric Bikes New Prices in Pakistan

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