Doctor Custom Works

I have friends, many of them and all of them are very dear to me.But some friends have taught me that being a friend is being a brother.Standing by every thick and thin giving support in the darkest hours of life and bucking up. Kuch nahi hota Yar Haris. dekha jayega. These words have changed a sloppy Haris into Haris Awan you all know today. Let me introduce you to my brother from an other mother and father OBVIOUSLY! I am talking about Doctor Saadullah Rajpoot , the Man behind Doctor Custom Works!


Doctor custom works is a custom motorcycle building garage which is run by Doctor Saad who hails from Multan and by profession he is a vet. How I met him is a long story but he founded me through my channel and came to know that I m also in Multan, We met and talked about a common passion The Bloody Motorcycles and here we are. After four years of friendship which has brought many sweet n sour moments to us but always a memorable one.

Doctor Saad is a mechanical artist at heart, Guy makes BAD-ASS Custom Motorcycles in a city where people don t know what cafe racer is what a bobber is and thats what I love the most about him. Breaking the stereotypes is never easy and he is on it.

Though Doctor Custom Works is not a full time garage its a place where passion prevails and where metal takes shape of art.His projects take years to come but they’re 10 by 10 on Badassness and uniqueness. I wish to see him building more and more motorcycles in the future and make his name in this 2 wheel world!


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