V-Power or Hi-Octane Petrol

Whats the most important element you need to have while you are going on a ride?Any guesses? Its petrol or fuel in your motorcycle. A motorcycle without fuel is like a bird without wings, both can’t fly!

The fuel or commonly known as gasoline or petrol is always available in different types and every type serves a different purpose which many of us don’t know. Lets find out how many types are there and which one you should use.

In Pakistan we have two types of fuel available currently, one is called regular or V Power and other is called premium or Hi-Octane. So what are the differences and what do they do?

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The regular as the name says is used in commuter based or less performing engines. The petrol is a hydro carbon and quality of petrol depends upon the quantity of carbon molecules present in it. Higher the carbon molecules, higher the quality.If you’re wondering what does it has to do with carbon molecules well these molecules burn to provide energy which actually drives us.

The regular fuel has a lesser Carbon molecules in it thats why its used in common vehicles and it costs less than the premium fuel. Where as premium fuel is expensive and its used in more performance based engines.As it has more carbon molecules it has more combustion power and provides better results.

Now the question arises which fuel to use in our motorcycles. As we know our motorcycles are mostly commuter based and using a premium fuel in them is waste of money in my books because the benefit is considerable but expensive. One can feel increased pic up and mileage after using Hi Octane or premium fuel.

So what should you do?What i suggest to most people is that they should use BLENDS. now whats that? Blend is mix of regular and premium. Premixing a ratio of 3 parts regular and 1 part premium will increase the performance output of your vehicle and also increases its mileage.Happy Riding!

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