CROWN Fighter 150

Chinese motorcycles are known for bad quality, poor paintjobs and fit n finish. To some extent these complaints are justified and these issues are present in them but things are changing now. Chinese are making quality motorcycles like Derbi and Benelli.

Though being Italian their manufacturing is being carried out in china just like I phone. Things are changing now and they are making some good things. There must be something n them. Let’s find out today because the motorcycle in question is Crown Fighter 150 which is an un branded, non-pedigreed Chinese motorcycle but it has one very attractive point to it, the price.

Usually this price thing comes at the end of the review but this is what makes Fighter 150 so special. Launched at 1 lakh 10 thousand rupees this was cheapest 150cc motorcycle of Pakistan. You could  get a motorcycle which comes with a push to start button, has alloy rims and disc break, comes equipped with an all-electronic speedometer which has a clock too. The alien styled head light and after market slip on exhaust is a plus too but I don’t like them.

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That doesn’t mean that there is nothing good in this motorcycle, for the price it has many things. Crown has kept the frame simple and sturdy, the chassis is same as of CG125. The engine is an over bored CG125 engine but gets an additional 5th gear. It also has the same slide carb and it has same nature, this engine vibrates because its an OHV set up.

Fighter weighs 108 kgs and makes 11 hp, being an ohv, it has strong mid-range and good pick up. The top speed figures are also nice, Rear drum break is adequate but the front disc is small for the size of the bike. Tires could be a little wider for better grip and confidence. If I had to conclude about the bike , I would clearly say that this motorcycle is good purchase in 110k , if crown work on it seriously, which they didn’t and this motorcycle is no where to be seen now. Only if they were serious about it!

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