Atlas Honda CG125 Exchange Offer

Atlas Honda is Pakistan’s largest motorcycle selling company, its most selling motorcycles are 70 and 125cc units. In the recent past , prices have started climbing and currently they’re at all time high. This increased inflation has created lack of sales and people are avoiding purchasing new motorcycles.

The prices have increased so much so that the smallest Honda motorcycle now costs over 113,000 rupees. People have different and changed buying behaviors as compared to previous years. Usually Honda users were known to change their motorcycle every year but thats not happening now.

To increase its sales and control the situation, Honda has now introduced an exchange offer. This exchange offer is exclusively for its CG125 and valid for motorcycles till 2019. Basically Honda is buying back its 3 year motorcycles and giving new motorcycles with balance payment on top. The value of old motorcycles will depend upon the condition of the machine.

Though inflation and price increase is a global phenomenon but still Honda Atlas has gone way ahead in terms of price increase.

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