2024-25 ybr 125 expected new graphic

Can This Be The New Yamaha YBR125 For Pakistan?

For Yamaha, YBR125 is the motorcycle that reintroduced them to Pakistan in 2015. Over the last 8 years, Yamaha YBR125 has built a fan following and people love owning, riding & modifying Yamaha Motorcycles. Usually, new motorcycles are not launched in Pakistan very often but companies launch updated variants by changing the graphics and colors.

2024-25 ybr 125 expected new graphic

Recently an image of a new Yamaha motorcycle with a new graphic is floating on social media and Whatsapp groups. The graphic change is expected from Yamaha, this is confirmed but which graphics are going to be launched, that is a question.

Is it the new 2024-25 YBR125?

The new graphic seems to be sporty but it is only on the air scoop panel. Globally Yamaha is following a minimalistic approach with fewer graphics. This may be the next graphic we will get in Pakistan. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments.

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Previously if we look at Yamaha and the updates, they have been mostly graphic and color. Only once they tweaked the motorcycle’s engine by changing its carb jets and exhaust. Also, this seems too good to be true that Yamaha will introduce something totally new. Keeping the economic conditions of Pakistan in mind. Graphic change is only thing that we are going to get!

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