Honda CD70 & cg125 on Easy Monthly Installments

Buy Now, Pay Later! Honda Offers Installment Scheme on CD70 & CG125

Honda is the market leader in 2-wheelers in Pakistan. With the most annual sales and the largest product line to offer, Honda caters to many in Pakistan. From the 1970s till date, Honda has been a symbol of reliability and dependability. Now, Honda offers an installment scheme on CD70 & CG125 which is called Buy Now, Pay Later! Here is what we know so far!

Though the majority of Honda sales are based on cash sales, this trend has changed for some time now. After the political instability, our economy collapsed causing people to change their buying behaviors. Honda Motorcycles were always sold on cash and at a high demand rate. Interestingly enough, Honda customers are always repeated, customers. For instance, we may know a guy who always buys a Honda and replaces it with another Honda Motorcycle.

EMI Offer

Due to increasing motorcycle prices and declining sales, motorcycle manufacturers are facing a dip in their sales. To resolve this issue, EMI or easy monthly installments are the only options available. Many companies collaborated with Banks to develop installment scheme mechanisms while some offered a personalized installment plan for their audience.

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Honda CD70 & cg125 on Easy Monthly Installments

Honda has introduced a new installment scheme called Ride Now, Pay Later. In this EMI Scheme, they provide the motorcycle much more easily and the principal amount is divided over the period of 12 months. Soon as you pay the initial deposit and first installment, you get your Honda Motorcycle.

This offer is exclusively available through the Honda Daraz Online store and only applicable on CD70 and CG125. If you are wondering how will you pay and how will the motorcycle be delivered to you then nothing to worry about. The payment mechanism is simple and online through Daraz. Your motorcycle is already waiting for you at a Daraz warehouse and you can pick it up from there. This installment scheme offer is applicable to credit card holders only. So, what do you think?

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