Best Motorcycle Tyre in Pakistan

Best Motorcycle Tyre in Pakistan

Everyday on our roads, we see a growing number of motorcyclists. Motorcycle has proved itself as most affordable and cheaper to maintain mode of transportation. A motorcycle is only connected to road with its tyres and they play a very important role in daily commutes. Lets have a look a the best motorcycle tyre in Pakistan and what are the motorcycle tyre prices in Pakistan.

Motorcycle Tyre in Pakistan:

Pakistan may be a dry country when it comes to variety of motorcycles and has to look up to china for most of machinery required for a motorcycle. In case of tyres, Pakistan is one of the leading exporters to many countries across the globe. You may not know it but Pakistan has its first fully locally manufactured and developed tyre ready in 1983. Panther Tyres Limited is pioneer in motorcycle tyre manufacturing in Pakistan. Other than Panther Tyre, Servis tyre, Diamond tyre and few other companies are making and exporting motorcycle tyre in Pakistan.

Best Motorcycle Tyre in Pakistan

Qualities of Best Motorcycle Tyre in Pakistan:

A motorcycle tyre may seem simple but it is not in actual. This slim tyre is doing any things while its roiling and a good tyre should must have following attributes in it. A good motorcycle tyre has to be multi purpose and functional, it should have a decent life span and it should be able to provide confident traction in wet and dry road conditions. There are many companies in Pakistan which are manufacturing different type of tyres. In our personal assessment, we found out Panther TREKKER is one of the best and multi functional tyre currently available in Pakistan.

Panther Trekker

What makes panther Trekker so special?

Well, Panther Trekker has many good things to it starting from its design. The design or pattern is called Dual Purpose Pattern. This pattern not only works well in On and Off road conditions but also in harsh conditions on motorcycle tours. Majority Motorcycle tourists use and recommend Panther Trekker due to its versatility and long service limit. Panther Trekker lasts 2 years easily on a regular 125/150cc motorcycle. This pattern is also available in 70 and 100cc category as well.

Now many imported tyre like Timsun are also being used in Pakistan but they are not cost effective. Panther Trekker is a very decent option with Tubeless variety exclusively available at Panther Daraz store.

Do let us know which tyre you use and how do you maintain it. The detailed maintenance procedure is also listed here.

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