Atlas Honda increases prices again

This is the second time Atlas Honda has increased prices of its motorcycles within a month. Earlier in July Atlas Honda has increased the prices up to 20,000 and they thought its not enough so they increased the prices more! What a pity, poor people are buying decade old technology and that too for such an over inflated price tag!
For Honda Atlas this pandemic seems to be a blessing in disguise, they have been increasing the prices and decreasing their quality, doing downsizing and blaming it on the pandemic.
This time the price hike is upto 5,000 pkr and the new prices are as follows
Honda CD70 77,900
Honda Pridor 108,500
Honda CG125 129,900
Honda CG125S 154,900
Honda CG125SE 156,900
Honda CB125F 187,900
Honda CB125SE 189500
Honda CB150F 244,500

Atlas Honda has dragged their motorcycles to a limit where it seems that buying a CB125F or CB150F is simply waste of money and one should really consider buying an old car rather than buying a new motorcycle. While the CD70 and CG125 get 1 and 2,000 pkr increase which explains that the strength of Honda Atlas lies in the same decade old motorcycles which are being bought by rural population because the price increase in them is minor.
Lets hope that Atlas Honda reconsiders about the pricing and adding a few features.

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