70cc Motorcycle Alternative, A motorized bicycle!

Though it may seem funny but if you are using a 70cc for commuting purposes and you aim to save fuel, we got your back. We have the best 70cc motorcycle alternative for you if you only use a motorcycle to commute to work and do small daily domestic tasks, we have an excellent and fun solution for you. Its a motorized bicycle!

What is a Motorized Bicycle:

A motorized bicycle is an actual bicycle with a motor jammed into it. The motorized bicycles commonly use a 49cc 2stroke clutchless and gearless engine. This kind of motorized bicycle is a DIY(Do it yourself) project and a lot of fun.

Motorized Kit

If you’re wondering that a motorized Kit is fuel efficient or not, let me explain technically. 1 litre of fuel lasts for days in a motorized bicycle. It is such a light weight vehicle and has very low rolling resistance. That’s why it returns excellent fuel economy.

The Motorized Kit is very simple to install. It comes with all th necessary bits and pieces with a simple to undersatnd construction manual. The chains are separate in this application. If you ever run out of fuel, you can still pedal your cycle. Also pedals are required to jump start the engine as it has no battery, no starter no kick.

A couple of years back this conversion was very economical. For 17,000 rupees you could have converted yourold bicycle in to a motorized bicycle. As majority of these engines are imported, the prices have gone steap after dollar hike and other import issues. Now such a setup costs around 40,000 rupees and it can be installed by one’s self.

As it is sub 50cc, it does not need any legal requirement to be road legal. At the end of the day It is a fun project not a highway legal machine. So are you going to do this conversion?

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