Petrol prices likely to reduce in Pakistan

Rich will pay for Poor, Govt’s new fuel subsidy scheme

In a recent development, the discussion for cheaper fuel for the underprivileged is all across Pakistan. The fuel subsidy scheme is not yet decided and there are many different discussions going on about it. While some say that this is a tedious process and will take a long time, others don’t think it will work.

Fuel Subsidy

As per details shared by VOA Urdu, it’s very easy to understand this fuel subsidy scheme. First and foremost this fuel subsidy scheme is not for everyone. Only bikers, rickshaw owners, and small cars (below 800cc) are eligible to benefit from this scheme. One needs to have a valid CNIC and the vehicle registered in his name. This system will also work incoherence with an online mechanism. The vehicle owner will need to register him or herself to an online portal for verification and share an OTP.

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The fuel filler will verify the customers’ CNIC and OTP, they will then be allowed to get cheaper fuel refueled in their vehicles. A motorcycle owner will get 21 liters of fuel every month while small car owners will get 30 liters of fuel monthly. Bikers will not get more than 3 liters of fuel in a day and car owners will get a maximum of 7 liters per day.

Petrol prices likely to reduce in Pakistan

The irony is that govt is not going to share any of the subsidies from their budgets. Instead, Govt plans to increase the fuel prices for others and pay for the subsidy for others. The rich will be paying for the poor. As charismatic it may seem still it will put undue pressure on many middle-class consumers who are struggling to make ends meet. Also, the amount of fuel being given is very less. It would have been a wise decision if the govt had introduced a cheaper or low-performance fuel like ron 87 or others.

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