2021 Yamaha YBR125G vs Honda CB150F

Ever since Yamaha launched its YBR125G variant the touring scene started to flourish in Pakistan. Honda followed them with CB150F and now we are comparing 2021 Yamaha YBR125G and Honda CB150F specifically for touring purpose.

Yamaha YBR125G:

It was launched in 2016 for around 130k rupees and looked a new motorcycle..People fell in love with the looks and used it extensively on touring. There are so much pros to Yamaha YBR125G.

Its comfortable, good on fuel,has better spare parts and maintainance facilities available it only lacks in power, the small 125CX engine feels gutless and torque less when its needed the most . It costs 194k now a days.

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Honda CB150F:

Launched for 165k it was a new motorcycle from Honda, different chassis, new engine and very premium fit finish for a country like us. Soon it developed a cult but it has some flaws too. The spare parts are very expensive and hard to find even on company dealerships. Other than these I can’t see any draw back of using CB150F on touring . Both are same on engine power and fuel efficiency, CB is Lil more torquey than YBRG.

If you can compromise on power you should opt for YBRG if not pay some extra and buy CB150F.

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