MATT Orange YBR125G

Yamaha YBR125G now available with new RIM STICKERS

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has recently launched its flagship motorcycle YBR125G in a new color. This new color is different from the competition as Yamaha has introduced Matt Orange color which is one of its kind. Before Yamaha in Pakistan, people only cared about new stickers to identify their motorcycle model and variant but now new and eye-catching colors are in the game. To attract more customers Yamaha YBR125G is now available with new rim stickers. Here is what we know so far!

MATT Orange YBR125G

If you remember in 2018 Yamaha launched Nightflou which was a grey metallic Yamaha YBR125G. Yamaha made only 1,000 such special edition motorcycles and it was an instant hit. People loved it and bought it. In no time Yamaha had sold all the special editions. Yamaha had launched a neon graphic for it and a neon rim sticker campaign for it. Following the same footsteps, Yamaha later introduced the Matt Grey YBR125G, and now this is the Matt Orange.

YBR125G Night Flou
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This time again Yamaha is offering rim stickers with its Matt Orange Yamaha YBR125G, These stickers will be available free of cost for the owners of Matt Orange YBR125G. As a marketing strategy, this would have worked if it was launched 5 years ago. Now the prices have gone way high and the sales are already down. Yamaha has to do more than this! Yamaha should bring its small engine capacity more affordable motorcycles. Electric bikes from a Japanese player are a far cry at the moment.

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Yamaha YBR125G Matt Orange

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