Yamaha YBR125

When it comes to 125cc motorcycle market of Pakistan, we see a lot of happening there. Every manufacturer is struggling to get a chunk of the market, no doubt it is dominated by Honda with its CG125 but after introduction of an underdog few years back, the market has changed a lot. Now we see much better and sporty 125cc motorcycles. That underdog is none other than Yamaha YBR125 which changed the image that comes to our minds when we hear the word Yamaha.

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Back in the days Yamaha decided to take a break from their partnership with Dawood. Legend has it that Yamaha insisted on leaving 100cc 2strokes and developing something new which triggered the issues between the partners. Yamaha went back to Japan and they reentered Pakistan in year 2015 as MNC with YBR125 which became an instant hit amongst youngsters and motorcycle critics. The Milkman image of Yamaha was long gone with introduction of this futuristic little motorcycle.

Talking about Style, YBR125 is undoubtedly the trend setter because we never had a sportier 125cc in Pakistan which offers a deal of style and comfort too it is the sporty looks, the fuel tank with air scoops, alloy wheels and an up swept exhaust which make it look different. The crystal headlamp comes with a halogen headlamp and a parking lamp, it has very good brightness and it comes in a cowling fitted with a smoked visor. The handle bar upright and has decent quality switch gear assemblies which come with electric start switch, headlamp switch, indicators and horn switches but Yamaha continues to miss out on Kill switch and dipper. The speedometer may be simple but it is informative. Fuel indication, gear position indicators and trip meter are key features of speedometer.

Other than looks It has a decent performance to offer as well YBR125 has a square engine with 5speed return shift transmission and a butterfly carb which helps it return 48plus kmpl, YBR125 gets an engine balancer to iron out any vibrations. The single unit seat is well padded and comfortable. The seat makes it easy if one likes to spend sometime in the saddle. The seat comes accompanied with a grab rail and the foot rests are also placed very conveniently both for the rider and the pillion. The suspension is also a good plus point of YBR125. Its rear suspension is 5 steps adjustable and has a travel of 90mm and the front suspension though not adjustable but has a travel of 120mm which is so far best in class. YBR125 Comes with 18-inch alloy rims which are wrapped around in 2.75 Front and 90/90 rear tire. It uses a disc drum combination for stopping which is confident enough to stop 113kg rolling mass.

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YBR125 is not very fast, its not meant to be because after all it is a sporty commuter motorcycle. It has a decent pick up but it runs out of breath after around 100kmph. In 2018 Yamaha tweaked their new YBR and changed its jets, air filter and exhaust which helped in increasing the pick up but the top speed is more or less the same. YBR125 is a decent option to buy its practical for a daily run to office or a ride to somewhere with your friends. Yamaha offers YBR125 with warranty on tires and battery for 6 months. They are offering 1 year or 12,000kms warranty for the body and 30,000- or 3-years warranty for engine. YBR125 also comes along with 5 free service coupons which can be utilized by the owners and they don’t have to pay service charges. All of this seems very appealing and One can get YBR125 in 154k Though it’s a little high but that’s a lot of motorcycle in 154k!

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