Yamaha should launch a new 125 now

Yamaha Motor Pakistan has been utilizing its YBR125 Series in Pakistan for almost 8 years now. The motorcycle revolutionized the market and really changed the concept of Yamaha in the mind of end consumers. The YBR125 series evolved in to YBR125G, YB125Z and YB125Z DX but it feels like the original YBR125 has lost its charm and should be replaced by something new.

Globally Yamaha has replaced the YBR125 with the YS125, The motorcycle is a fresh looking and up dated version of YBR125 which has more refinement and advancement but it is still simple and stylish to ride and maintain.

The YS125 is focused to answer the needs of urban commuters, who require a fun little motorcycle which can help them get around and has some power on tap too. The YS125 checks all the boxes when it comes to styling, efficiency and practicality.

The EFI motor returns a good fuel economy while the motorcycle has decent power too. The suspension is designed to maximize comfort and rider safety while riding in the city. The motorcycle can be very expensive though if its simply imported to Pakistan but Yamaha can easily manufacture and export it out of Pakistan to different parts of the world if they want to!

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