United Motorcycles on Zero Mark up from Alfa Mall

Get United bikes on up to 9 monthly installments

As the inflation and devaluation of rupee continues, the prices of almost all the necessities of life has increased. Motorcycles are now a basic necessity of life because every one requires mobility and cheapest way to move around is having a basic motorcycle. Though even locally manufactured motorcycles have also became expensive and sales have suffered.

The companies have realized the issue and collaborated with banks to offer a reliable and affordable solution. Such collaboration also took place between United Motorcycles and Bank Al falah. These motorcycles are now available for sale on easy installments up to 9 months through Bank Al falah mobile application Alfa Mall.

This collaboration empowers the customer to choose from 3 different options of 3, 6 and 9 months installment plans. The best thing is that no mark up needs to be paid and one can get motorcycle for basic commuting needs.

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