Yamaha new prices

Yamaha Motorcycles Prices Increased after GST Up By 1%

After the ongoing economic crisis, the new government has imposed and increased GST from 17% to 18% on vehicles including cars and motorcycles. This GST increase is transferred to the end consumer and all companies have revised their prices. Yamaha Motor Pakistan also increased its motorcycle prices. Suzuki and Honda have also increased their prices too.

Yamaha new prices

New Yamaha Motorcycles Prices

Yamaha Motor Pakistan’s new prices are as under.

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Yamaha YBR125 New Price

Yamaha YBR125 price is increased by 3,000 rupees (effect of 18% GST). Now YBR125 costs 339,500.

Yamaha YBR125G New Price

Yamaha YBR125G comes in 2 variants, The metallic color variants are priced at 353,000 and the matt color variant is priced at 356,000 rupees.

Yamaha YB125Z New Price

Yamaha YB125Z comes in 2 variants, The simple spoke rim version is priced at 308,500 while the YB125Z DX is priced at 330,500 rupees.

What Do You Think?

The price increase has been a step journey so far. Every now n then the prices are increased which is subject to rising dollar prices and the sinking economy of Pakistan. What do you think of these prices? Let us know in the comments.

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