Yamaha motorcycles installment plan on 0% markup

Yamaha Motorcycles on 0% Markup Installments

Motorcycles were considered the mode of transportation for the middle class or common man. That is not the case anymore. The fragile economy and ever-increasing dollar rates have affected everything around us. Yamaha Motorcycles have also become very much expensive and their sales have been declining rapidly.

Yamaha motorcycles installment plan on 0% markup

As of today, the entry-level Yamaha YB125Z costs more than 3 lac rupees. If we compare this to its launch price, it was launched for 115,900 rupees in 2017. Yamaha Motorcycles have seen an improvement in their sales and market share but when the economic conditions started to shrink, the prices started to climb. Also according to many dealers, this price increase phenomenon is not going to stop and in coming years these 125cc motorcycles will cross 5lac rupees price tag(we wish it never happens).

Yamaha Installment Plans:

Yamaha Motor Pakistan does not offer any installment plans officially as Suzuki does. Yamaha dealers have different installment plans and they lease these motorcycles. This time though a Yamaha Dealer has introduced a zero markup installment plan for one year. Afzal Traders Lahore has introduced a zero markup plan for prospective Yamaha customers.

The installment plan is simple and clear. The dealer charges 50% amount as a down payment and the remaining amount is distributed in monthly installments for one year. The customer is required to pay registration charges as per the law.

If Yamaha YB125Z DX is calculated as per the installment plan, the total amount is 330,500 in cash. The customer will pay 165,250 as a 50% advance and 12 equal installments of 13,771 to be paid within a year. The government vehicle registration charges will be paid by the buyer. There are no other hidden charges as Dealer has not shared any details on that. This seems to be an ideal opportunity because, by the time your installment plan will mature, the motorcycle will be worth more than what you have paid for it.

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