Yamaha Motor Pakistan Installment Plan

Yamaha Motor Pakistan Announces 0% Mark Up Scheme

Since 2015, Yamaha Motor Pakistan is one of the favorite motorcycle of Pakistani youth. The youngsters loved the aggressive and stylish looks of Yamaha YBR125 and YBR125G. Later the company introduced YB125Z and YB125Z DX for more mature riders. Due to increasing prices and inflation, the motorcycle prices are very steep now. To improve and generate more sales, Yamaha Motor Pakistan announces 0% mark up scheme.

Yamaha YBR125 2024

Though the Yamaha Motorcycles have been getting annual updates and changes but still they had some short comings. Yamaha enthusiasts were hoping to get a more fuel efficient motorcycle by having EFI system and other modern features but company failed to provide. On the other hand, the Yamaha fan following kept on increasing and many riding groups were created which helped in increasing awareness about Yamaha motorcycles.

The major issue with Yamaha motorcycles was higher price tag and higher maintenance cost. The later was addressed by the company by launching localized parts and having a wide variety of spare parts locally manufactured and available at low costs. This helped in making things easily available and customers started having a positive feedback. The only issue left was its high price tag.

Yamaha Motor Pakistan is offering their all variants on easy installments. The customers were addressed by the company in a Facebook post as following

For a limited time only, you can avail a 0% mark-up with an 8-month payment plan when you purchase a new Yamaha. This offer is only valid in certain cities across Pakistan and requires only Rs. 25,000 monthly installment.

Don’t miss out. Visit your nearest dealership to avail this amazing offer and ride away today.’

Yamaha Motor Pakistan Installment Plan

The installment plan is for a limited time and is being offered on a fixed number of months. Customers are required to have an up front deposit and rest amount will be paid as monthly installments. If Yamaha wants to tap more customers, they should have a more feasible installment plan and offer a longer time period for repaying the installments.

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