Road Prince Bella, To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Today has been all about this, The RP Bella 100! Initially launched last year by RP Motorcycles in Pakistan this is an amazing cute chubby little scooter. We happened to get our hands on it and we are excited to test it to the limits today and let you guys know if Bella is worth paying 255,000 rupees or not.

So without any further delays, let’s take Bella for a quick spin but first take a good look at it. There was a time in Pakistan when Vespas and Lambretta’s scooters were ruling the roads. People liked them for many reasons, they were cool, classy, and safe to ride and had plenty of space on offer. Similarly, Bella is not different. Bella has cool and classic styling, it’s very easy to ride due to low foot board and up right sitting posture. With it’s under seat storage and available space in floor boards its very convenient ride.

Unlike the Vespa’s and Lambretta’s of the 70’s and 80’s the Bella is much quieter, fuel efficient and environmental friendly. Bella uses a 100cc 4stroke engine which puts out 5hp of power and 7nm of torque. Sounds tiny but Bella is not a super bike it’s a basic scooter designed to do basic commuting and traveling from Point A to Point B without breaking into your wallet. The carb fed engine is pretty fuel efficient despite coupled with automatic gear box. The automatic gearboxes rob fuel average. The power to weight ratio is also adequate enough. With the net weight of 88 kg, it’s very manageable to ride Bella in city traffic and main streets.

Enough of the technical bits, The Bella has much more to offer on top of other things. The scooters are considered a taboo in Pakistan and often associated with female riders but that’s not right. Scooters are a bi-sex products and can be driven by both ladies and gents. The looks are a subjective matter but in my opinion Bella looks subtle and mature. Its design ques are inspired by Vespa and others but it isn’t exact replica of Vespa like Ramza and others. Bella has an all LED battery powered head lamp which looks very cool. The indicators are mounted on the front bezel and looks well put together.

The front of Bella looks cool and classy with 10 inch alloy rims and disc brake setup. The front telescopic forks do the job well. The ground clearance is very decent and it can easily cross bumps, speed barkers and potholes in Pakistani roads. Bella is capable of reaching 90kmph top speed and comes with a disc drum combination of brakes. Speaking of speed it comes with a fully digital instrumental cluster which is beautifully integrated in a classy look. The throttle grips and assemblies are also of decent quality.

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Majority of us are not familiar with the scooter engines, they are gutless and less powerful as compared to a similar spec bike engine but what they lack in power they gain in torque. The engine is directly mounted on the rear tyre and acts as a stress member/swing arm and the rear tyre mounts directly on it. The rear suspension is a mono shock mounted on the same set up. The engine comes with electric and kick starter options. Bella uses CDI system and comes equipped with 12v battery system.

A reviewer is a critique and his job is to pick and point out issues, no matter how hard I look at Bella and how hard I ride it still I do not find too many issues. One thing which looks odd to me is the placement of fuel tank, its placed under the seat and every time you want to refill, you ll need to get off, open the seat and then fill the tank. The tank is 5.5 liters of fuel which is enough for a basic commuter scooter but this could be avoided by giving an integrated fuel tank lid on the body. Other than that, there is nothing much which I can pick. Since RP is a spare parts company as well and has a huge portfolio of parts, I am confident that the parts are not an issue for them. They have kept Wego and Robinson parts supply till date which is a great thing for a local manufacturer.

Now the biggest question, Is Bella worth 255,000 rupees? Well if you want to spend a quarter of what you’ll spend on a Vespa and look cool, Bella is the answer for you. If you’re looking to lower your month fuel expenses and get a fun ride to do your basic home supplies runs in your society, Bella is the ride for you and if you’re a female looking to get wheels of her own, lower your commute expenses than Bella is the right answer for you!

That’s Bella, This is Haris and you’re watching Horsepower Pakistan 2.0. Stay Tuned for more videos!!

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