Yamaha Junoon

Yamaha Junoon, Ahead of its time

In the automotive world, two types of automobiles are always discussed. One is a timeless classic design and the other is technology ahead of its time. Yamaha Junoon is also one such motorcycle in the 100cc category which is a classic design and ahead of its time even by today’s standards. Let me share how. Subscribe to our updates and follow us on social media.

Yamaha Junoon, How was it made?

Before Yamaha Junoon, Pakistani roads were ruled by the 2stroke legend Yamaha YB100. This legendary machine has been manufactured in Pakistan since the 1990s. Before that, it was imported into Pakistan from Japan. As the competition began to increase, technology also improved and people started moving to 4-stroke motorcycles from 2 strokes. Yamaha introduced YD100 which has a similar frame as YB100 but a 4stroke engine. YD100 has distinctive looks and sound but Junoon was a re-designed body on YD100 which was intended for young buyers and consumers.

Yamaha Junoon YD100

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The Design:

The design of the Junoon YD100 is a timeless classic. It has simple easy flowing lines which come together at the tail section of the motorcycle. The motorcycle does not look dated even today. It had a crystal headlamp back in the day, diamond shape indicators, and a slightly chiseled fuel tank. The speedo is well-lit up and it had a fuel gauge. Something which is even not present today in Honda Pridor and Suzuki GD110S.

Yamaha Junoon restoration
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Why Discontinued?

Yamaha Junoon

For the first time, poor sales were not the reason for the discontinuation of the Yamaha Junoon. Nor it was the poor engineering standards. At that time, Yamaha was DYL Dawood Yamaha Limited and working in collaboration with the Dawood group. The partnership ended and Yamaha Junoon was discontinued along with other Yamaha products. Though later DYL launched Junoon as DYL Junoon still it never left a mark as it used to have. That’s the sad demise of Junoon in Pakistan.

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