Kawasaki Ban in Pakistan

Will Kawasaki come back to Pakistan? Possible or Not?

In the motorcycle world, Kawasaki needs no introduction. Having the crown for the world’s fastest road-legal production motorcycle, Kawasaki has a history of many legendary motorcycles. For the last 2 decades, Kawasaki available around the globe but not in Pakistan. Kawasaki production has been stopped since 1991 in Pakistan. Here are a few reasons why it was stopped and if it will ever come back again or not!

Why Kawasaki was banned?

There are many reasons why Kawasaki is banned in Pakistan. There are many myths that Kawasaki was banned by law enforcement agencies but it is not true. There were many powerful motorcycles in Pakistan at that time. The real reason behind the ban was financial. Kawasaki was working as SKM, Saif Kawasaki Motors ( Joint Venture) back in the day. The Pakistani partner Saif Khurshid went bankrupt. That’s the reason why they shut down their plant and went back to Japan.

Kawasaki Ban Story
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Another reason was the complexity of the Kawasaki motorcycle range. They had many 100cc and 110cc motorcycles with different names (more or less similar shapes and specs) which confused the end consumer. Also, Honda was marketing its 110 and 125cc motorcycles very aggressively at the start of the ’90s. Slowly yet steadily Honda took over Kawasaki’s market.

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Will Kawasaki come back to Pakistan?

Ever since its ban, Kawasaki enthusiasts are asking the same question. New Kawasaki motorcycles are still imported and used in Pakistan but the chances of Kawasaki establishing a company are slim to none. A few years ago there was strong inside news from a reputed heavy machinery manufacturing company in Pakistan that they are bringing Kawasaki back. This plan was scrapped due to high setup costs and estimated higher costs of marketing.

Kawasaki Ban in Pakistan


The chances of Kawasaki coming back to Pakistan may seem difficult now but it is possible. Just like Yamaha Motor Pakistan made a comeback, Kawasaki may also do the same.

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