WildLens by Abrar
WildLens by Abrar


WildLens by Abrar

Tale of adventure riding from Germany to Pakistan on two wheels!

When ever i see the motorcycling scene in Pakistan, one thing always hits me and that is the versatility of ours. I have met many different people riding motorcycles as meditation, I have seen doctors,army personnel, policemen,advocates,judges and what not. Today I will be introducing an aero space engineer who was crazy enough to ride all the way to Pakistan from Germany on a BMW adventure motorcycle!

WildLens by Abrar
WildLens by Abrar

Hailing from Nankana sahab a small city of Punjab Pakistan and traveling across the globe are two different extremes, after completing his studies from Islamabad he moved to Germany & during his stay, the wander lust took him places and that gave him an idea , why not add motorcycle in this equation and voila! WildLens by Abrar was founded right there!
Abrar started his tour on MAY 28, 2020 and have been documenting it on his Youtube channel. The best thing about Abrar’s tour is that its very well planned and executed, every detail is mentioned at his website and his social media platforms. He even shared the modifications he had done to the BMW GS310 for this tour. His motorcycle is also one of its kind in Pakistan, I don’t think any GS310 are available here.
WildLens by Abrar

We Pakistani’s have a bad habit of being ignorant and ignoring our local heros but if we will look around us, we will not be needing inspiration from anybody else!
Follow Abrar @ his website and social media contacts below

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