Why we hate ATV’s?

Why do we HATE every cool thing? why do we have such a conservative thinking? Why don’t we see much of ATV’s or quad bikes in Pakistan? Why o why! Writing this blog got me on a ride down the memory lane, when i bought and restored an ATV which was too much fun. So to say too much bang for buck. Sadly all of this was pre Horsepower, i will try to accommodate as much images as i could.

An ATV or quad bike is basically a motorcycle on 4 wheels, it may sound boring but in actuial its too much fun because a high reving motor with balance and stability of 4 wheels is a blessing. The ATV which I had was a 150cc chinese one, it was 5 speed and also had a reverse gear, The 150cc engine used to make 12 hp at max but boy it was fun, Your truly used to rip it around in the dirt!

The reason we don;t see these quad bikes on offer is very limited or almost nil market, in Pakistan people usually try to maximize the value. These quads are not road legal and can’t be registered or ridden on roads so people don’t buy these. They are not practical enough!
What ever they are, they are hell of fun. Share your thoughts if you like quad bike or had any experience with it

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