Why Honda CG125 Deluxe Failed?

Why?Why Honda CG125 Deluxe Failed?Honda CG125 Deluxe was launched by Atlas Honda back in 2006, i remember the day when i saw one and i was discussing about it with my class fellows next day. Yes I am a born motor head but lets not talk about me, Lets talk about the Honda CG125 Deluxe and Why Honda CG125 Deluxe Failed?

First Generation Deluxe courtesy Pakwheels
CG125 Deluxe was launched to target the urban audience, last decade was a time when internet and mobile phones were getting common day by day. People were getting more advanced and starting demanding the CHANGE, Almost ever manufacturer was going towards innovation, Slim TV’s were replacing old rectangular TVs. Cars were getting better and shapes were changing. All of this forced Atlas Honda to launch a newer variant of its CG125 by the name of CG125 Deluxe. Aim of company was to make CG125 Deluxe popular and than discontinue regular 125 because the other world has move forward and their CG125 moved also with many features.

So Atlas Honda aimed to change and change for good? Yes and they failed! Because Atlas Honda forgot one thing, The rural audience which is major portion of their sales rejected CG125 Deluxe due to extra PLASTIC. Deluxe had front visor, plastic mudguards, rear cowling and some other bits. They thought adding plastic to motorcycle makes it much weaker than regular motorcycle. None of them cared about the 18 inch rims, disc set up and good suspension, No one cared about the features, all they cared was that all the added plastic has made Deluxe more fragile!

Also Atlas Honda did another experiment and they tried to change the sound of CG125 Deluxe which was a really bad move in my books because if there is anything to love about CG125, its the sound and you can’t take sound away from an artist. The CG125 Deluxe was heavy(118kgs instead of 98kgs) it had same engine and transmission so obviously it was slow. Later deluxe was 5speed with some aggressive gearing but people always struggled with TAAP SPEET factor(Shout out to Dat Biker Dude)

Lastly what I believe was lack of creature comforts because in 2015 Yamaha YBR125 came out and it was a very advance motorcycle for its time. Though deluxe looked like it but Yamaha outran deluxe in features. Deluxe never sold like CG125 does, Atlas Honda got bored and eventually pulled the plug!
That is the sad sad story of CG125 Deluxe!
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